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Hire a drone operator to shoot video of a remote location or address. Connecting visual access needs with local drone pilots.

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How it Works
DronHire® connects skilled, licensed FAA approved drone pilots with individuals, businesses and industries that increase productivity by saving time and money while earning skilled pilots generous cash payout!

1. Flight Request is Received.
2. Flight Requirements are Posted.
3. Pilot Accepts & Preforms Requested Flight.
4. Pilot Submits Video.
5. Pilot is Paid!

Earn a Minimum of $100 Per Flight!
Each flight (run) will earn you a minimum of $100. Payout is virtually instant and is delivered VIA your preferred method, PayPal, Check or Wire.

DronHire has endless applications. Find out how DronHire is expected to earn pilots over $1,000,000 in 2017 alone, and it's only going up from there!

Get in on this opportunity! It costs nothing to apply. Your information is never sold or misused and remains totally secure. Apply now to be a pilot and make money with your licensed drone and piloting skills!

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